To start using the Voicera Salesforce integration, please navigate to the Integrations page within the Voicera platform. Click the Gear icon to enable the integration, and then click Connect to Salesforce.

You will be redirected to, and asked to log in to Salesforce with your Salesforce credentials.

Once you log in, you will need to authorize the Voicera platform to post to your Salesforce account on your behalf. Click Allow in order to proceed.

Once you click Allow, Salesforce will redirect you back to the Voicera platform. You will see that the Salesforce Integration page will now have details of your Salesforce account.

You will be given the option to either send Highlights as Notes and Meetings as Events (recommended default), or to send Just Highlights as Salesforce Tasks

Sending Highlights as Notes and Meetings as Events: For each highlight that you send in to Salesforce, Voicera will create a Note within Salesforce for that highlight, and will also create an Event in Salesforce that represents that meeting.

  • Notes in Salesforce: Notes include Meeting Name, Highlight Transcript, URL link back to the Voicera platform to listen to the audio, Date of the Meeting, and a link to the associated Opportunity or Account in Salesforce.
  • Events in Salesforce: Events in Salesforce include the Meeting Date, Title, Time. This is useful if you want to log all your meetings in Salesforce.

You are all set up! You are ready to start using your Salesforce integration to push highlights into Salesforce!

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