You Can Interact With EVA In Different Ways:

Voice Commands
On your call EVA will start taking notes automatically.  You can also ask EVA to start highlighting before you say your action items, next steps, or decisions to guarantee they get captured. Say: "Okay EVA", and EVA will silently capture the next 20 seconds of audio.

If you want to specifically take an action item, you can say: "OK EVA, Action Item". EVA will listen and transcribe for up to 45 seconds, stopping when you say, "Thanks EVA." If don't say "Thanks EVA",  EVA will transcribe for the full 45 seconds, starting from when you say "Action Item".

EVA's name can be pronounced "ee-vuh", "eh-vuh", or "ay-vuh", but "ee-vuh" works best.

Live Tap
You can view a live version of your meeting through the web app on your desktop or mobile device. From within the live meeting, simply tap to start recording a highlight, and tap again to end it. 

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